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High Performance
Receive Only
Broadband VHF/UHF Preamplifier

receive only preamplifier


Low noise figure
High immunity to overload
Completely shielded
Suitable for mast/tower mounting
Small size
Rugged low profile custom enclosure

The P30-1000/11VD preamplifier has been designed for the most demanding amateur, commercial and military applications. Each model has been optimized for the lowest noise figure consistent with excellent strong signal handling capability. These preamplifiers are suitable for use in any receiver or converter/receiver system. Each preamplifier is housed in a rugged low profile custom aluminum enclosure finished with military grade black urethane enamel. Female BNC coaxial fittings are provided for the input and output connections. Other connectors or connector combinations are available. Complete rf shielding is maintained with a feedthrough capacitor for the dc power connection. Mounting holes, suitable for #4 hardware, are located at each corner of the bottom plate.

The P30-1000/11VD broadband preamplifier uses a low noise figure, high intercept point MMIC to obtain essentially flat performance characteristics across the frequency range. A +18 dBm (nearly 80 mW!), 1-dB compression specification means that overload should seldom be a problem even though the preamplifier does not employ a front-end filter. Use of a front-end filter would likely be required only in the most severe interference environments. These preamplifiers would be useful for improving receiver sensitivity throughout the vhf/uhf range. They would be particularly useful where broad vhf/uhf frequency ranges must amplified by a single preamplifier such as ahead of a broadband multicoupler, scanner receiver, spectrum analyzer, television receiver or a test receiver. In these applications single band GaAsFET preamplifiers, although lower in noise figure, may not be practical.

Extensive testing of this preamplifier on existing communications systems indicate that a signal-to-noise improvement of 6 - 14 dB can be expected. Each and every preamplifier is precision aligned on our noise figure measuring equipment and should provide long trouble free operation.

The P30-1000/11VD preamplifier is designed to be powered by a 11 - 16 volt dc source with a current consumption of 50 mA. Low power consumption along with the small size make these preamplifiers ideal for installation within existing equipment or systems, or for remote mounting at the antenna. Mounting the preamplifier at the antenna will provide the best system noise figure.










1 dB


1 dB






Supply voltage: 11 - 16 Vdc
Supply current: 50 mA
Weight: 2.0 oz.
Dimensions: outline drawing

Prices shown for standard BNC connectors
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